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Silver & Starr 

Starr Silara (Legal Nm; Stefanie Hayden) is a San Francisco Bay Area native who now calls Central Florida home. Wife, mother of three, analyst by day and creative designer / artist by night, her world is never dull.

Growing up in the Bay Area (Silicon Valley) where the most creative minds live, she never ran out of fuel to feed her creativity; whether drawing with crayons or painting with acrylics, Starr was always creating something new. Torn between following her art or tech, she chose tech, but kept her paints and pencils close by.

After her family relocated to the Orlando area, Starr felt the spark of her creativity burn brightly again. The old adage, “It's never too late …” is very true. Orlando’s diversity enabled Starr to experience new forms of art.

Sterling (Silver) Hayden, husband to Starr, has now joined forces to create 'Silver Starr Design Studio".  Silver's a North Carolina native, raised in California where he met Starr and the two were married.  Unbeknownst to them, they had a passion for creating new and interesting works of art.  Silver had a passion to fabricate and build interesting new things from materials he had available.  When Silver and Starr moved to Orlando and met the Indie Film networks, their was even more opportunity to expand his artistic side.  From foam-smithing to 3D printing, Silver is able to create new designs from different materials.  Still learning every day, this team is taking their talents and exploring the art world one day at a time. 

Cosplay to Commissions, they are available on weekends for small to medium size projects.